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dog food

Special Diets

Whenever possible, ordering food directly from the manufacturer should result in a fresher product with a longer shelf life.

Purina Diets: 

            Go to ProPlanVet


Order the recommended product or shop for products (prescription required for veterinary prescription diets... Purina will contact our clinic for approval)

            Enter clinic ID:   X7BNX


Purina ProPlan Vet Direct Customer Service:  1-800-738-5335

Hill's Prescription or Hill's Science Diets:
  • Text or email us at 707-837-8101

  • Tell us the diet you wish to order, 

  • and include your email address 
    (we will need to enter your pet's information into the site)


Then go to

  • Enter your email address

  • Create a login password

  • Order the diet your pet needs


Hill's To Home Customer Service: 1-800-235-6877

Royal Canin Diets & other Diets &/or Supplements:

            Use our online pharmacy

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